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REHAU celebrates its 75th anniversary. The perfect opportunity to generate attention and inspire employees and customers with an anniversary campaign. Accompanying communication measures offer great potential to make our values and topics accessible to the general public. What does your brand stand for? How has it developed? What does the future of your company look like? The bracket for these measures should be a uniform signet.

The signet itself


The signet itself combines our logo, the REHAU corporate colours and the 75 in the brand font. The spherical triangle in white is part of the signet and is always used. When used on white, it consequently remains invisible.


The minimum size of the signet is 20 mm or 93 pixels. The exception is the  implementation without further content such as the pin. Only the REHAU corporate colours are used. Single-colour black version is not intended.



On small surfaces or reduced content, the actual REHAU logo is not necessary in addition to the signet, as it is already included in the signet.


With more content, both signs should be placed as far away from each other as possible.


Please take care! Never replace the brand logo with the signet 75 years of REHAU. Never use the signet 75 years in the FloatingBox.

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When using the signet, it should always be possible to establish a reference to REHAU's history, its pioneering spirit and values, its innovations and its cultural diversity.


We should always tell a story here. Simply putting the logo on product brochures, for example, is not enough and not understandable.

The slogans


If a slogan is to be used in communication for the 75th anniversary of REHAU, there are 3 options to choose from: 
75 years of enhancing lives.
75 years of pioneering spirit.
75 years of visionary power.

When choosing a suitable slogan, it is important to consider the subject matter of the communication. Below are some examples of slogan positioning. The positions can be freely chosen.

The signet in use


Example Print: Exemplary implementations for posters. Here, either the REHAU layout system is used (floating box) or the signet is used in a striking way. If no copytext is applied, one of the three slogans is chosen.


Examples of social media posts. The templates for the REHAU social media posts are used here. It can be found in this brand portal under Communication Media > Social Media. The signet 75 years of REHAU is added, recommended size for posts with more content approx. 270 px.


Example Digital: Exemplary implementations for 
e-mail banner. A coloured area in REHAU Smartgreen or a matching photo appears in the background. White is not used in the background, otherwise the medium will not stand out from it.



Replica of the first REHAU extruder, filled with liqueur. This extruder represents the development of the company in 1948: Pioneering Spirit. Content: explanatory text plus illustration of the object. Therefore both are used: the signet 75 years of REHAU and the brand logo.


Packaging for chocolates: The box is rather small, there is no further content. So the signet itself is enough - no brand logo. There are 3 options as shown in the simulation. The packaging is physically present. This means that the special colour gold (foil embossing in gold) can be used.


Shopping trolley solver. An individual outer shape can be selected for this item. The shape of the spherical triangle around the signet 75 years of REHAU is perfect for this.

Please take care here


The signet is always on white. This is ensured by the white outer shape of the spherical triangle integrated into the data. The golden special variant is used exclusively for haptic / printed items.


The signet is only used when communicating about REHAU history or future or the celebration itself. The signet is not used in product level communication / technical information.



Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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