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Good and differentiating packaging design combines product information with brand attractiveness. The packaging has to meet different requirements. It should not only match the product and the REHAU brand, but also attract the attention of the observer and generate buying interest.


Packaging Mother Brand


Packaging Sub Brand

Product Labelling

In general, REHAU products are marked with the mother brand logo. The monochrome version of the logo is used for this. The brightness of the color on a white product depends on the desired visibility.

In general, 2 options are possible here: Monochrome black, if high visibility is desired or the product is built in or disappears behind a wall or in the basement. Or a light gray for subtle branding in the user's living environment - for example in the living room.

Sub brands are not used in product labeling.

Productlabel 5 Color

Productlabel 1

Label for installed / hidden products. First choice.

Productlabel 2

Label for installed / hidden products. Second choice.

Productlabel 3

Label for products in the consumer’s area of life. First choice.

Productlabel 4

Label for products in the consumer’s area of life. Second choice.

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