The footer is located at the end of each page. A gray area separates it from the content area, which has a button in the middle that returns the user to the top of the page.

The area below is displayed in Smart Green and contains the Smart Tag, which is aligned to the left of the tenth grid column. Footers with the Smart Tag are used on start and content pages, landing pages, and microsites.

The black area contains service and contact links as well as social media icons and links to the app stores. A white area containing global links is arranged horizontally at the end of the footer. More information on the different pages types can be found here: LINK

Desktop footer

Footers in Smart Green are used on all pages such as start page, content pages, landing page and micropage.


The mobile footer has a similar structure to the desktop footer, with the individual elements arranged one below the other, however.

Mobile footer in Smart Green

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