REHAU advertising materials must make a clear reference to the company. Not only brand elements, colors, typography and imagery must make the brand recognizable – values and the brand’s appearance should also be reflected.








Essential criteria for the selection of giveaways


Creativity is the order of the day. Boredom? Please don’t. Typical everyday objects are now exchangeable. Unusual gifts and designs are better remembered and are usually used more often. You can set yourself apart from your competitors with a creative promotional gift.

Recognizability of the brand.

The giveaway must be related to the company take and fit into the „big picture“. Logo and company colors must be clearly recognizable. Restraint is not the order of the day. We want the brand to be visible and experienced. The gift should be welcoming. Colours other than those of the Company are to be avoided.


A cheap looking giveaway can just as easily influence the image in a negative direction. The quality of the promotional gift plays an important role. If it just looks nice – but doesn‘t work well or doesn‘t last long, it leads to negative associations. The choice of material can underline the company‘s environmental commitment.

Target group relevance.

We definitely want to keep the memory of our brand positive. This includes that a giveaway also fits the respective target group. If you speak to a younger one, media-savvy audience? Are they craftsmen for whom the high quality of a gift are important?

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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