Our photography style is an important part that completes our brand experience, forward thinking, impactful and welcoming as well as a visual interpretation of our purpose. The examples shown here are orientation for image processing. It does not make sense to provide a universal filter, as the lighting conditions can be very different in each shooting.

The power of images

Great images have impact. They make us feel something real. They move us. Our images do much more than merely display our products. Each image is directly aligned with our “Engineering Progress. Enhancing Lives.”

Concept: REHAU imagery is authentic and casual. As a company committed to “enhancing lives,” our visual landscape portrays people in a carefree, uncomplicated, simple way. By using imagery to demonstrate that REHAU anticipates customer needs (i.e., innovative products), we put people and their everyday life situations at the center of focus. Finally, our images are infused with a sense of lightness, simplicity, optimism, and eff ortlessness, providing a strong alignment with our brand strategy and purpose.

The different styles of the REHAU imagery


Style 1  Product Shot


Style 2  Product in use


Style 3  Lifestyle


Style 4  Case studies


Style 5  Assembly


Style 6  Corporate

Style 1: Product hero shots

  1. Single products shot at the highest level of quality
  2. Shot always against a neutral background (white or light gray 20% black)
  3. Sharp imagery with a deep depth-of-field (all in focus)
  4. Equal lighting, shot in a studio environment
  5. Authentic soft shadows (no drop shadow)
  6. Frontal views, if possible
  7. No generic drop shadows (Photoshop style)

Foto_Product_Titel_01 Light grey background for cover images

Foto_Product_Titel_02 Clear order in presenting collections

Style 2: Product in use

  1. Exciting product photos that highlight details or USP
  2. Sharp images with shallow depth of field (details in focus)
  3. Uniform lighting shot in a studio environment
  4. Subtle shadows (no drop shadow)
  5. Real life situations (unmade bed, randomly placed objects)
  6. Surprising/unexpected details in the images
  7. No over-styled props like designer sofas. Each prop is indicative of the person's lifestyle.
  8. The image should show that a person is living here (nothing obviously staged, generic, or artificial)

Style 3: Lifestyle

  1. People diversity in gender, age, and ethnicity
  2. People are captured in their authentic settings looking natural
  3. Real people and situations (e.g. no direct eye-contact, instead using creative photographic angles)
  4. The individuality and personality of the people come across in every picture
  5. Color conscious (e.g. no bright colors in clothing, more focus on product)
  6. Open-ended storytelling (e.g. boy looks out airplane window)
  7. Details/stories that put a smile on your face

Style 4: Case studies

  1. Artistic documentation of architecture and reference objects.
  2. Use natural light where possible to capture the environment authentically.
  3. The environment should be clean and presented in an impressive perspective.
  4. Fisheye lenses, distortions and plunging lines should be avoided.
  5. Objects are usually shown without people. People walking past (out of focus) are possible.

Style 5: Product assembly

  1. The people shown are busy with the assembly.
  2. The whole person does not have to be represented, the hands are enough.
  3. Unstaged and authentic location (onsite shoots)
  4. Environment should be clean, and be captured in an impressive and captivating perspective  
  5. It’s about REHAU products and services, not the people themselves
  6. Color conscious (e.g. no bright colors in clothing, more focus on product)
  7. Candid style imagery with real people (e.g. not models)
  8. Shoot in perspective that best fits the product assembly situation
  9. Create imagery that promotes open-ended storytelling

Style 6: Corporate Image

  1. Real people who work for REHAU in their authentic setting
  2. People diversity in gender, age, and ethnicity
  3. Candid style imagery with stakeholders (avoiding eye-contact)
  4. Gives the feeling of a dynamic, creative, thoughtful, and visionary work environment
  5. Authentic props that are inspiring and thought provoking
  6. Exciting compositions to bring the customer into our world
  7. Open-ended storytelling

Color look of the REHAU imagery


The REHAU picture world is inviting and impressive. The pictures have a high proportion of black and are very rich in contrast. The saturation is slightly reduced, the skin tones nevertheless appear lively. However, the colours of the products remain authentic and unchanged.

The color spectrum of the image is believable and dynamic. The scene is flooded with warm light. This effect can be improved by using the ColorLookUp “Crisp_Warm” in Photoshop. In general, however, it is not possible to provide a universal filter for processing, as the lighting conditions on the set are always different. The many examples on this page are intended to provide orientation.

Left side of the comparison: unprocessed image, right side: image after colour adjustment.

Stock images

Is it possible to use stock images?

Generally yes. We use images from Getty Images and Adobe Stock. However, the purchased images must correspond to the REHAU visual language and be provided with the appropriate colour look.

How to order photos from Getty Images?

REHAU has a worldwide contract with Getty Images. REHAU possesses an extensive contingent of image and video downloads with the leading image database Getty Images. Images acquired here can be used for REHAU marketing communication worldwide (passing these on to customers and other third person parties is not allowed).

What does this mean for you?

Please use Getty Images as only source for external images: Filter for Royalty-free images because those are the only ones that are free in our global contract. Go to Getty, click on the Search icon, then on the secondary navigation (gray bar) click on Creative and choose Royalty-free.

Have you found what you were looking for?

Please contact Thomas Leichsenring or Stefanie Wallisch for purchase. Please add the image number as well as the purpose it is needed for.

Please don't do this

Neuer Inhalt

Exchangeable and stereotypical images 
(©Adobe Stock) 


Oversaturated, colour cast images.
Wrong product colour.


Image effects that distract from the product.


Picture collages from different elements 
(©Adobe Stock)


Images that do not show the product benefits


Distorted images taken with wide-angle and fisheye lenses



Foto_Portrait_03 Correct illumination and posture

Foto_Portrait_06 Reflection and unfavourable posture

Foto_Portrait_05 Bad lighting

Portrait for editorial usage

  1. Landscape or portrait format - both are possible. The decision depends on the chosen layout 
  2. To create an interesting composition, the person portrayed is not placed in the centre, but rather in the "golden section"
  3. Slightly sideways view of the person to the camera (chocolate side)
  4. At best use a window as a light source
  5. A friendly and bright environment is important
  6. A friendly facial expression is desired and it can also be a direct look into the camera
  7. A point of light in the eye (eye light) should be created by the light source 
    The focus should be on the eyes (face)
  8. The face should be advantageously illuminated
  9. The portraits are provided with the REHAU ColorLook
  10. Tele lens (approx.100 - 200 mm) is used to place the desired
  11. Focus on the person
  12. Use the portrait mode of the camera or use a relatively large
    aperture (f 2.8)


Portrait for ID card

  1. Slightly sideways view of the person to the camera (chocolate side)
  2. At best use professional equipment as a light source
  3. A friendly facial expression and a direct look into the camera is preferred
  4. The face should be advantageously illuminated
  5. A point of light in the eye (eye light) should be created by the light source
  6. The background is to be created in a gray tone (approx. 20% black)
  7. The background color can already be taken into account in the recording itself or implemented in retouching

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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