REHAU Icons have the task to communicate facts clearly and visually. A reduced level of detail, flat design and the design concept of the line are the distinguishing features of the REHAU icons. The level of detail and the range of REHAU colours used are determined by the intended use. The two-dimensional picture symbols appear powerful and contemporary. Their content must be quickly absorbed and understood.

Small variant A

Size 32 x 32 Pixels. The small version of icons is used in technical information, brochures (Infobox), on displays (UX). The small icons are always monochrome black or white. Only lines are used, no areas. The size refer to the creation in Adobe Illustrator. The icons can be scaled during placement.

Large variant B

Size 64×64 px. The larger icons are used in the editorial section in brochures, SocialMedia posts and the like. Besides the base color black, one additional brand color red or green is added. Please pay attention to the balance between red and green when using several icons.


Variants of the REHAU icons


Small Icons 32 x 32 pixels


Small icons UX

​​​​​​​Large icons, size 64x64 pixels

Large Icons 64 x 64 pixels


Large icon, brochure


Special case: Preview icon for apps



Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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