QR Code

QR codes are used to provide additional information that the print medium cannot generate – videos, websites, interactions that are called up by scanning the code. The QR code must offer a real added value. At REHAU, we use the QR code without a company logo because we are in our own layout behaviour anyway, the error correction properties are worse compared to normal QR codes and the code has to be printed larger.



Design and creation

QR codes at REHAU are always black and placed on a white background. It is easy to generate the QR code directly in Adobe InDesign. Object > Generate QR Code.

Size and reading distance

In the ad the minimum size for readability is 15 x 15 mm if the content is only one URL link. To know the ideal size, use the following simple formula: Size of the QR Code = Distance between the QR Code and the Scanner / 10. Example : 20 cm square to read it at 2 m away.





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