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Use of the company font

The REHAU brand typeface Brix Sans is modern, impactful, and confident. Character for character, our typeface gives us its tangible, recognizable signature anywhere in the world. Thanks to its modern appearance, the typeface is ideal for digital and print media, giving us a unified tone-of-voice.

We have simplified our typographic approach: for headlines we use Brix Sans Black, for body text Brix Sans Light, creating a clear hierarchy when communicating our message to our customers.

Use of the company font

REHAU Primary font

The Brix Sans is our font for web and print. This OpenType fonts feature small caps, five variations of numerals, arrows and an extended character set to support Central and Eastern European as well as Western European languages.

From the Brix Sans Famliy we need 4 weights: Light, Regular, Bold and Black. Italic are not in use. For legal reasons we cannot distribute the font – it must be purchased. Find the font here: www.hvdfonts.com/fonts/brix-sans


Primary font


Example brochure


Principal font styles

Substitute typeface

Arial will be used as substitute typefaces in exceptional cases when Brix Sans is not available (e.g. for external office or email documents). Because this font is available in most operating systems and online applications, its consistent implementation will guarantee a homogeneous look throughout all our communications.


Arial for office/mail

Typo Name 1

Product name variants

Typo Name 2

Product name design


Chinese font

Chinese font

Source Han Sans, available in seven weights, is a typeface family which provides full support for Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese, all in one font.

Usage of lower and upper case letters

We generally use upper and lower case letters. Caps are only used when mentioning the REHAU umbrella brand.

Decorative fonts

Apart from the fonts specified here, no other fonts are permitted – not even for slogans or product names.

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