Cobranding means that REHAU appears together with another company. The legal constellation that both companies have in relation to each other is important for the selection of the right labelling. 

1. REHAU at the partner: Cobranding with the REHAU quality signet

The REHAU quality signet is applied whenever REHAU products are used. Cobranding takes place on the vehicle, building or letterhead of the partner. In this case we use the REHAU Quality signet in the partner’s layout system. The REHAU corporate design is not implemented here.





2. REHAU at the partner: Cobranding with the REHAU partner signet

The REHAU logo can be used by the Partner, but never on its own – always with the addition of REHAU PartnerREHAU Premium Partner or REHAU Authorized Partner. This classification is based on special contracts with the partner. Read the REHAU Cobranding guideline. The expertise relates to the business unit Window Solutions.

3. REHAU Logo plus partner logo

The partner logo appears in the REHAU corporate design. The partner logo is always in reference to the REHAU logo. This option is used for joint appearances at trade fairs, for presentations, on printed articles.





4. Powered by REHAU

Initial situation: A company becomes part of REHAU, but completely retains its corporate identity. Then the belonging to REHAU is established by the signet "Powered by REHAU". "Powered by REHAU" is not part of the logo and is placed at maximum distance. This signet is only available in the monochrome version in black or white. The text addition may not be changed.

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