Brand Utilisation Disclaimer (Brand Utilisation Agreement)

The REHAU Group (hereinafter REHAU) is the exclusive and sole authorised proprietor of the logos provided with the data material.

REHAU grants the user the right to use these logos subject to the following conditions:

  • The logos may be used solely for the purpose of advertising REHAU original goods and products. Any further use, particularly to promote user or third-party products or services, is expressly prohibited.
  • The forwarding of data material to third parties is not permitted. With the exception of true-to-scale enlargement or reduction, amendment or editing of data material is not permitted.
  • By utilising the logos, the user agrees to refrain from asserting any claims to the logos within the scope of the existing approval or following approval expiry and will not support any commensurate third-party claims.
  • Moreover, through its utilisation of the logos the user also agrees that it will not reduce, impair or unfairly exploit the brand value.
  • REHAU may cancel this approval at any time subject to a period of notice of 6 months, or without notice in the event of infringement of one of the aforestated conditions. REHAU will pursue judicial proceedings in the event of any infringement.
  • Any liability on the part of REHAU in association with this approval is precluded.

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