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Wherever our brand appears as a sponsor for culture, sport or technology, we mark our involvement with "Supported by REHAU". If we want to show our involvement in companies that operate independently, we use "Powered by REHAU". This signet is only available in the monochrome version in black or white. The text addition may not be changed.

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The sustainability signet REHAU Return

The sustainability signet REHAU Return can always be used when reporting on sustainable products, materials, initiatives and campaigns. It can be placed in all relevant media. The signet may not be changed. The signet is always placed in a defined size ratio to the REHAU logo and is available in a coloured and a monochrome version (download area).



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REHAU Quality Mark

This mark is used by partners (carpenters, dealers, installers) who use and sell REHAU products. Used for example on their vehicle, exterior facade, advertisement, brochures. Application at REHAU: Brochures (inside pages), exhibition stands, POS. This signet exists only monochrome (black and inverted variant). Further text additions are not possible.



REHAU Technology Signet

This signet is used to identify special materials or manufacturing processes. The green version is reserved for materials/processes related to sustainability (e.g. EcoPuls). All other signets are in black. Other colours or shapes are not permitted.





Made in Germany / German Engineering

Made in Germany: This symbol may only be used to identify products manufactured in Germany. Usage for REHAU marketing materials (online & offline).Only the described variants are possible. German Engineering: signation of the Engineering Work. This signet may only be used to identify products engineered by Germans. Usage for REHAU purposes only.



Signet for Online platforms

Only this colour variant is possible. The signet is used to designate online platforms, websites and configurators. Usage for REHAU marketing materials (online & offline). The subject matter must be recognisable from the description. Abbreviations are not used.



Authorized Partner

REHAU Authorised Partner / Authorized Partner can be used by partners authorized or certified by REHAU. If the partners are not certified, please use the REHAU Quality Signet. This sign exists only in English language in two variants: Authorised Partner (UK) and Authorized Partner (US).



Signet Anniversary

This kind of signet is intended for anniversaries of REHAU locations and employee anniversaries. Please use just the REHAU font and the REHAU corporate colors. The symbol may not be used for products.



Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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