Printing Standards

REHAU Colormanagement

All print data must be saved with a colour profile in any case. REHAU is using ISO Coated V2 300% (ECI). Texts and fine lines must be applied in pure black (100% K).

ICC-Profil C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color
CSF C:\Users\ … \AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Color\Settings
Joboptions C:\Users\ … \AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe PDF\Settings

Definied paper qualities for printed matter

In the interest of REHAU’s uniform appearance, this standard forms various categories of printed matter and determines their paper-specific parameters.

Standard printed matter

Papers for brochures, posters and flyers 

Flyer without a cover: Weight 135 g/m², Brochure with cover: Weight cover 250 g/m²; inside 135 g/m², Paper quality: Classic matt coated woodfree white picture print, Paper definition: Magno Matt (IGEPA)

Premium printed matter

Papers for employee magazine, company brochure, reports

Brochure with cover: Weight cover 250 g/m²; inside 135 g/m², Paper quality: High volume, high stiffness, FSC® certified, Paper definition: Magno Volume (IGEPA)


Papers for technical information, instruction leaflets, manuals

Normal 90 g/m², For very extensive documents: Weight cover 250 g/m², Paper quality: high volume, high stiffness, FSC® certified, matt, surface-glued, wood-free, Offset, Paper definition: Soporset Premium Offset (IGEPA)

More printed materials for your inspiration

You can find more examples and implementation of “Below the line” materials in the REHAU Media Suite (MAM). Here you will find exemplary implementations of different printing matters. An access to this system is required. Search in MAM under the topic “Beispiele Print Brand 2019”

RollUp banner template: 
Display / Banner: 
Product catalogue:  Template brochure: product pages
Brochure image: Template brochure: image pages
Flyer: Template 1-pager / 2-pager / Fold-flyer
Technical Information: See pages 21-28 Template brochure
Price list: See pages 21-28 in the Template brochure
Assembly Instructions: 
Technical drawings: 

Muster, Labels, Samples, Etiquette: we have created several approaches for your orientation search MAM for “Samples Print Brand 2019” or in DE “Beispiele Print Brand 2019”.

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