The tarpaulins of trucks are almost driving billboards. The viewer has to understand the content in a few seconds. Picture content and headline must have a good long-distance effect.  Copytext is unsuitable here.

Truck Layout


Campaigns or complete product solutions go on tour with a show truck. The graphic design of the truck’s surfaces corresponds to the “out of home” layout principle. All visuals used must have a common visual language.


REHAU Pool Vehicles

REHAU vehicles are always marked with the company logo. Only the monochrome versions of the logo are used. All vehicle lettering is designed as individual elements or letters to ensure a high-quality appearance, never as printed full-surface foil. The transfer takes place with a transfer foil. Data is available in the download area.



The monochrome black logo is used for white and silver vehicles, the white logo for dark paintwork. REHAU pool vehicles always have a silver paint finish.

Sizes and assignment

The vehicle sticker is available in two sizes: 175 mm and 350 mm wide. Pool vehicles: Front doors: 350 mm, tailgate: 175 mm. ADMs/frequent drivers: front doors: 175 mm, tailgate: 175 mm

Placement and alignment

In principle, only the driver and passenger doors and the tailgate are labelled. The stickers on the front doors are oriented to their front edge. All elements are aligned parallel to the lines of the vehicle.



Engineering progress

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