REHAU has a clear, distinctive colour code. Black, Smart Green, Active Red and White are our brand colours. White is our stage and is principally used as a neutral background colour for our content. Active Red and Smart Green are used in a reduced way to highlight important content and set highlights (info boxes, call-to-action, teaser texts, eye-catchers). Black emphasises contrast and is mainly used for text, areas, icons and illustration. Only black may be used in defined gradations 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 percent. However, grey is only for secondary design elements (e.g. footer on the homepage).




Do not: Never use REHAU corporate colours as gradients


Never use REHAU corporate colours lower than 100%


Colour ratio

Usage of the colours

The brand colours emphasise the following elements: Call-to-action, Smart Tag, Logo, Highlight Typography, Eye-Catcher, Infobox, Buttons, Links. The brand colours are always used in equal proportions. Pay attention, to follow the colour ratio (80 % black & white + 10 % Active Red + 10 % Smart Green). The core basic colours are white & black/all tints of black. When using Active Red, do not forget to use also Smart Green. Within one page, must always be both colours – Active Red and Smart Green.





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