Although sponsorship can lead to greater brand awareness and buying propensity, it is different from advertising. In contrast to advertising, sponsoring cannot communicate certain product characteristics. The umbrella brand is at the centre of sponsoring.

Sponsoring on jerseys

Jersey sponsorship in sport means wearing the REHAU logo on the jersey. We hope that this will have a positive effect on the brand, especially in the local environment. Only the REHAU logo LINK is used in jersey sponsoring. It may not be re-coloured or altered in any way. The protective space around the logo must be respected. Other signets are not permitted.



Signet “Sponsored by REHAU”

Wherever our brand appears as a sponsor for culture and sport, we mark our commitment with the REHAU logo plus text addition. If we appear on the medium together with other sponsors, the original logo will be used  with the protected area.

If REHAU is the exclusive sponsor for cultural or sporting events, the signet “sponsored by REHAU” will be applied. The text may not be changed.



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